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PUNTINGPROPHETS.com is a website dedicated to documenting my progress towards betting profitably on various gambling markets over an extended period of time. The website aims to keep myself both accountable and disciplined whilst sharing my experiences throughout the process as they may be beneficial to others. The following outlines my journey so far and what I aim to achieve moving forward which hopefully is aligned to what other readers have set out to achieve.


The following is a bit of a historical guide with regards to my past from both a punting and non-punting standpoint. I was always interested in the share-market and the notion of gambling to make money from a young age largely due to my fathers interest in shares, playing cards and horse racing. As I grew up I was always more fond of Mathematical subjects compared to English based subjects which further encouraged my interest in finance and gambling.

In my later years at high school I studied Maths, Physics, Accounting, English and Music – the majority of which are obviously numbers based. By that stage I’d been to the occasional race meeting whether it be harness, greyhounds or gallopers with friends and family. I’d also been introduced to sports gambling as I grew up playing football, basketball and cricket so it made sense to look at those markets as I had a genuine interest in those areas. I also enjoyed social games of poker amongst friends and family whilst occasionally playing online as well.

Following high school I attended university to complete my double degree in Commerce and Applied Finance and enjoyed the uni life as a young adult. This is where I really got a taste for gambling as I was now 18 and could open my own account or place bets myself at the pub. I never took it too seriously and just looked at simple form lines to pick horses for fun if I was out somewhere. I also played poker at the casino a few times for small starting amounts and even managed to walk out with $800 one night after starting with $50.

Throughout university I continued to learn more and more about numbers, finance, statistics and how they can all interact. In particular of interest to me was valuing stocks and finding ‘value’ investments where the market is undervaluing a stock at a particular point in time. To this day I still believe the same applies in theory to horses, however I believe horses can be made more difficult by the fact that with stocks you choose when to exit, with betting on horses the end of the race is the end of that bet.

As I progressed through uni I continued to fiddle with numbers and statistics in my own time as I gained a better understanding of how useful Microsoft Excel can be. Once I finished university I managed to get a job in the finance industry taking particular interest in the investing side of things whether it is inside or outside of superannuation. I won’t go into the details of finance but let’s say it continued to fuel my interest in finding ways to make additional money using a value approach.

Since starting regular employment I’ve continued to look at various angles through trial and error attempting to find a profitable way to bet. Keeping my own records and adjusting where I think it’s needed, checking results and if I thought it was needed, even starting again from scratch which has lead to the present.


After trying many different methods and looking through many websites there have been a few moments in the recent past which has put me in a much better position and mindset. In no particular order these have been finding a forum of like-minded individuals filled with many old threads of insightful information. Purchasing a database to help me look at the statistical angle with greater data rather than what I was trying to record myself and finding an American resource which discusses in depth pace and speed mapping.

These important areas mentioned above as well as my journey to this point is what I believe have me on the right path to success. I’ve managed to develop spreadsheets that automate the form process for me, find ways to make my own speed maps that have proven to be reasonably accurate and just in general have a better understanding for separating useful informational from useless information.

The resources that I’ve managed to put together over time from various sources or by trial and error myself, I believe now has me poised to turn a profit from betting.


I may be wrong with the assumption that I’m now ready to turn a profit however the aim of this website is that I can continue to improve via self awareness and record keeping. I think one of the hardest things in this game is discipline and I believe that by keeping myself accountable to a website even if nobody reads it should improve my thought process and eventually the bets I take along with profitability.

Therefore what I will be doing is starting with a bank of $1,000 and seeing if I can regularly produce a profit resulting in an increasing bankroll over an extended period of time. The posts I make on this website may be in regards to money management, the bets I’m taking, the systems I’m trailing, information I’ve read or just interesting material in general. I also may take bets based on my own ratings, based on systems, based on discretionary bets in sports I’m fond of or any other method I come across.

This website is to basically be about the learning process and see if I have what it takes to bet profitably. Hopefully anyone who reads can learn something or even offer advice to either help myself or others in achieving a similar goal. I encourage you to post comments on any of my posts or even send an email through if its something you would like to remain confidential.

Good luck and happy punting!


Punting Prophets is a website dedicated to documenting my progress towards betting profitably on various gambling markets over an extended period of time. The website aims to keep myself both accountable and disciplined... Read more