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Hi Punters, This is what 18 teams have played all year for and its down to West Coast Eagles vs Hawthorn Hawks. It’s been a rocky year for the systems and I’ll post a results update in the coming weeks however were down slightly for the season. There are reason’s I’d like to see both teams win it this year so I’m fence sitting a bit. For Hawthorn winning 3 in a row and 4 in the space if 7-8 years is an amazing feat and would put them in contention for the best performing team ever. The flipside to… Read More

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Hi Punters, Week 2 of the finals saw the Hawks absolutely crush the Crows which surprised me a bit but did help the system along as we were on them. However the profits made from this game were instantly gone as the swans couldn’t get the job done against North Melbourne as they just seemed to have too many passengers and late season injuries took their toll. The swans bet always worried me with Franklin, Parker, Jack and Reid all missing who are key components of the Swans outfit. I fear another losing weekend could be upon us as I… Read More

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Hi Punters, Well Week 1 of finals was a disaster for my own personal tipping and wasn’t a whole lot better in terms of my betting. The swans luckily covered the line and probably should have won. Western Bulldogs really let us down with inaccuracy and would have covered all bets if they could kick straight. Hawks were disappointing against West Coast but it was never close and not really a surprise either so I can handle losing that bet. Finally Richmond was another choker who had the game essentially sewn up before letting North just run over them by… Read More

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Hi Punters, Last week wasn’t as disastrous as it could have been however I should have just left it alone with teams resting players and clearly not giving a full 100%. Anyway that can be something I’ve learnt for next season there is no reason to dwell on it now. Moving into finals and Swans have managed to get injuries at the wrong time of year and its been compounded by the unfortunate announcement of Buddy Franklin missing the match due to mental illness issues. Hopefully week 1 of the finals can produce a clean sweep for us which I… Read More

Posted by Punting Prophets - 8:55 pm - 10 September 2015 - 1 Comment

Hi Punters, We’ve arrived at the last minor round matches for the year. Last week we pulled through with a minor profit with Geelong costing us a great weekend by floundering vs pies on the friday night stage. This week we could run into some trouble given teams have been provided the green light for basically resting half of their side (Freo and North). Given the system I’m using isn’t player based this could prove to be a difficult weekend for the systems but nonetheless lets see how we go. I’m still comfortable with the GWS line bet as well… Read More

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