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There are three main types of racing which occur both within Australia and Internationally. These are typically known as Horse Racing, Harness Racing and Greyhound Racing. This website will typically focus on betting opportunities for Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing which have been highlighted below.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is a highly competitive industry world-wide with millions of dollars spent on purchasing and training horses in an attempt to win the lucrative prize money on offer. Each capital city in Australian typically has a carnival which peaks with a major race and large amount of prize money on offer, none larger than the spring carnival in Victoria and the Melbourne Cup.

Horse races are usually ran over distances of 1000m to 3200m and can have anywhere between 3 and 24 runners in a race. Australian races typically have between 6 and 14 runners per race. You will often see Horse Racing bets utilized or discussed on this website on our journey to achieving profitable returns.

Greyhound Racing

Whilst there is less prize money on offer for Greyhound Racing there is also less costs involved which has made it attractive for many people or syndicates to get involved in. As per Horse racing, greyhound races events are on 7 days a week with races typically on in the late afternoon or night timeslot with 8 or fewer greyhounds competing to win each race.

Due to the constant number of races on daily in greyhound racing I’ll be looking for any betting angles that I can exploit to assist my journey of becoming profitable.

The bets that I may discuss on this website in relation to racing may be discretionary bets based on form factors, specific systems or occasionally subscription based tips. To remain profitable I may not give away the exact reasoning behind a bet but I will try and provide enough information so that you can research and find such opportunities yourself. I will typically concentrate on the Australian racing scene however will not rule out possibly implementing overseas bets in the future.


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