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There are a large number of sporting events that take place daily around the world with more and more being available for betting purposes. This can range from the well known big market American sports (NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB) to the smaller market competitions like Darts, Gaelic Football, Spanish Handball or even Chess. Typically I’ll be concentrating on the big market leagues as these are what I know best and follow myself rather than gambling on matches or competitions I know little to nothing about.

The leagues in which I’m most knowledgeable and comfortable betting on are the NBA (National Basketball Association) and AFL (Australian Football League). Therefore your most likely to see me discuss bets placed on these two leagues whether they be discretionary bets based on personal insight or other methods utilized. The other reason I follow these two leagues closely is they run in alternating periods of the year and therefore I can shift my focus to each league individually.

Quite often in sports there are what is known as ‘middle’ bets available which can offer the opportunity to make significant gains with little risk utilizing different betting agencies. These middle bets occur when two betting agencies offer varying betting lines on an outcome both at approximately $1.92 odds. When the gap between these lines is large enough it can provide a great opportunity for minimal risk bets and we will look at taking advantage of these ‘middle’ bets at times for sports as well. An example of a middle bet on an AFL match may be the Sydney Swans vs the Adelaide Crows, with Agency 1 the swans may be -35.5 however with Agency 2 they may be -29.5. Therefore you can bet on the swans -29.5 ($1.92) with Agency 1 and the Crows +35.5 ($1.92) with Agency 1 with the potential for the swans to win between 30 and 35 points hence ‘middling’ your bets and profiting significantly for the risk involved. More detail will be provided on middling bets within articles or posts made on the website.

As the betting journey progresses on PUNTINGPROPHETS.com we may look at venturing into different sports whether that be via my own interest or utilizing subscription services. Hopefully the information provided on this website and my personal experiences may assist you in betting profitably on the sports you’re interested in. I always encourage you to post questions or comments on any of our posts and/or articles as the discussion may not only help yourself but other readers as well.


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