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Hey guys, I’ll keep this update reasonably short as it’s the end of the first week since I started recording bets with regards to this website. It was a bumpy week as it seemed the NBA plays I follow would have a great day and then a really poor day and this repeated throughout the week. On top of this my greyhound plays were having some teething issues which I think I’ve rectified now and hopefully moving forward these will just add a consistent return on a week to week basis. The greyhound plays won’t bring in mega bucks due… Read More

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Welcome to Punting Prophets, In August last year I started with a $1,000 betting bank with the goal of being profitable betting on sports and racing. I envisaged at that time I would post weekly updates on both my betting progress as well as my learning progress. That vision never came to fruition as I wasn’t fully committed from the start and figured I’d get around to posting at some stage and never did. This did not however affect my betting and since then I made a tidy profit whilst learning quite a bit along the way. I’m now in… Read More

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Punting Prophets is a website dedicated to documenting my progress towards betting profitably on various gambling markets over an extended period of time. The website aims to keep myself both accountable and disciplined... Read more