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Hi Punters, We’ve arrived at the last minor round matches for the year. Last week we pulled through with a minor profit with Geelong costing us a great weekend by floundering vs pies on the friday night stage. This week we could run into some trouble given teams have been provided the green light for basically resting half of their side (Freo and North). Given the system I’m using isn’t player based this could prove to be a difficult weekend for the systems but nonetheless lets see how we go. I’m still comfortable with the GWS line bet as well… Read More

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Hi Punters, A break even week last weekend which I was reasonably happy with in the end given I wasn’t entirely confident about the round. Swans and Tigers covered easily as I thought whilst my other top picks, Gold Coast and Fremantle, stumbled in their last quarters respectively and could’ve easily covered the lines in each of their games if they played out the full game. My concerning picks were 50/50 as well with power and st kilda showing some fight whilst bulldogs and lions just got taken to the cleaners. On to this round and I’m quietly confident that… Read More

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Hi Punters, Another good round of betting last week and we are back into profit for the season. I’ve compiled the figures however given how close we are to the end of the year i’ll hold off until doing a season review at the end of the year. I’m not entirely confident with this weeks bets particularly given the large lines for some of the home favorites. There is every chance that power, saints bulldogs and lions put up more of a fight then the line for those 4 games suggest. Hopefully we can pull through with another profitable weekend… Read More

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Hi Punters, Things are back on the improve and I believe we’re back in the green for the season. I’ll post a results update at the end of the season as it wouldn’t make much sense to post it now. The theme of backing favorites seems to continue being the theme as we approach the finals although this week we have a bet on the eagles. I really like the swans to cover the line tonight given they need to make a statement that they are serious contenders. If they fold like a deck of cards tonight and don’t win… Read More

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Hi Punters, Another profitable weekend and now were slowly getting back into the groove of things. Previously that has meant a losing weekend is around the corner but maybe we can string a few together again. I have a bit of confidence this weekend however the Collingwood bet has me a bit uneasy. Their forward line structure is a mess at the moment with Cloke injured so it will be interesting to see if they can kick enough to cover the line. There should be some good close matches this weekend and hopefully they can fall our way at the… Read More

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