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Hey guys,

I’ll keep this update reasonably short as it’s the end of the first week since I started recording bets with regards to this website. It was a bumpy week as it seemed the NBA plays I follow would have a great day and then a really poor day and this repeated throughout the week. On top of this my greyhound plays were having some teething issues which I think I’ve rectified now and hopefully moving forward these will just add a consistent return on a week to week basis. The greyhound plays won’t bring in mega bucks due to the small pools but its that consistent background profit that I’m really after. I’m still bringing together my horse racing bets/lays and it’s just a matter of continuing to record more data and looking at where the opportunities are with my ratings. I think I can turn a neat profit on the horse’s the longer I stick at it, it’s just a matter of doing just that, sticking at it.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to really bet/record much over the weekend as I had basketball grand finals and it didn’t really leave much time for anything else. This has always been an issue for me though on weekends which is just something I need to be mindful of and find workarounds for it and finding the happy medium.

So for the week i was down slightly but I’ll start posting more result driven type updates as more weeks go by. I’ve got my record keeping spreadsheet pretty much as I want it and will be able to look more specifically at my stats from a bunch of different angles the longer I stick at it. As some more weeks pass by I’ll start posting the chart of my bankroll but for now it’s pretty meaningless especially as I missed the days over the weekend betting.

Will post some more in a weeks time.


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