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Hi Punters,

Last week was fortunate enough to manage a small profit and work towards us getting back in the black. I have a little more confidence again this week that we can possibly achieve the same feat and get some more profit in the bank. I also accidentally placed an additional bet this week so I’ve made it a personal bet for the week, luckily its a bet I’m comfortable with taking anyway and was already contemplating making it a personal bet.

Providing teams play true to form or ability this week I think we could see a lot of the following plays cover quite easily, lets hope thats the case. Apologies for the short post however I’m in a rush as going away for the weekend and will be attending the Hawks/Crows match even though its likely to be freezing.

Line Bets (Chosen team underlined)
$40 on Geelong Cats -34.5 vs Melbourne Demons @ $2.00 (Topsport)
$20 on Hawthorn Hawks -18.5 vs Adelaide Crows @ $2.00 (Topsport)
$20 on North Melbourne Kangaroos -14.5 vs GWS Giants @ $2.00 (Topsport)
$20 on Port Power -22.5 vs Carlton Blues @ $2.00 (Topsport)
$20 on West Coast Eaglies +4.5 vs Richmond Tigers @ $2.00 (Topsport)
$40 on Western Bulldogs -22.5 vs Brisbane Lions @ $1.91 (Centrebet)

Head to Head Bets (Chosen team underlined)
$20 on North Melbourne Kangaroos vs GWS Giants @ $1.45 (Topsport)

Personal Bets
As mentioned earlier I accidentally placed this bet but happy to make it a personal bet and think its a good chance of hitting. The bet is Western Bulldogs -24.5 @ $2.00 which has been placed with Topsport.

I’ve continued to be a slackass and not post updated results. I’ll endeavor to get these results posted after this weekend but as I’m away it won’t happen any sooner. Once I get back from this trip I’m also looking at starting some new systems and may even do a dedicated post with regards to what I’m implementing.

Happy Punting!

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