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Hi Punters,

I have to be honest I do not follow the NFL at all besides having a vague idea of who the contenders are each year. In saying that its hard to ignore the available promotions for the start of the NFL season that can not only net big winnings in the future but also cover those future bets in the interim. First lets show the two bets I’ve placed for the NFL and then I’ll explain each one in terms of the promotion available:

- Green Bay Packers to win Superbowl 50 – $100 @ $7.50 (Topsport)
- Indianapolis Colts to win Superbowl 50 – $50 @ $10.00 (Sportsbet)

Topsport Promo
Topsport have an offer that any Superbowl 50 bet placed prior to the season starting would provide a matching bet on that team at the line in their first game of the season up to a maximum of $200. Therefore in addition to my bet on the Green Bay Packers (who are the second fave) I also get a $100 bet on them -6.5 against the Chicago Bears this weekend. The reason I chose to go Green Bay with Topsport is the odds were better than Sportsbet ($7.50 vs $6.50) and they were given the highest % chance of winning it in an espn article I read.

Sportsbet Promo
Sportsbet’s offer is that whomever you bet on to win Superbowl 50 ($50 bet), you will receive a $5 bonus bet each regular season win that they achieve. Sportsbet ran the same promo this year for NRL in which I received $90 in bonus bets for a $50 outlay due to them winning 18 matches. On top of this I still have my $50 premiership bet on the Roosters which was paying $6.50 at the start of the season and they are now paying $2.80. I chose to go with the Colts as the same espn article I read (as stated above) had the Colts likely to win the most regular season games due to their weaker division. Given I could also get $10 odds on Sportsbet vs $9.00 on Topsport this seemed like the best choice.

Now neither of these promo’s may pay off and both may not even make the Superbowl however I believe approaching it like this gives me a decent chance of getting my money back AND possibly winning big on the superbowl.

Best of luck to anyone else who followed these promo’s.

Happpy punting!!

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