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So I’m the first to admit that I’ve been extremely slack when its came to providing result updates with any form of regularity however that’s all about to change. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but from now on i’ll endeavor to keep the site up to date with results. Starting today with this post and in the future posting regular updates AND updating the stats/results page on the website as well. I’ll run through each of the sports i’ve covered and where appropriate provide some extra detail since inception, hopefully the writeups below give you some understanding of what i’ve done so far, where I’m at and whats in store moving forward:

Horse Racing

I spent some time a few weeks ago implementing my horse racing strategies but they never really felt quite right. The road was bumpy and I think I was too quick to put some of the systems I arrived at into play. I’ll be starting up my Horse Racing backing/laying again very soon given i’ve continued to collect more data and have renewed confidence in some of the old systems I was implementing and also some new ones.

Results to date: -$152.17

Not a big loss in the grand scheme of things with some lessons learnt and should be easy to recoup given some time. Let’s hope I can get Horse Racing bets ticking over nicely as given they go year round it could really help my bankroll grow.


The only NBA bets I’ve placed since starting with this bankroll were personal picks on some of the playoff series that didn’t really go to plan. The rockets made a miraculous comeback against the clippers which gave me one win from three series bets. The one I’m most disappointed in was the Wizards series – I have every confidence that had John Wall been healthy all series they would have taken care of Atlanta no worries. I feel the wizards were pretty unlucky – Paul Pierce hit a game winner that was less then a sneeze after the final buzzer, Al Horford won a game with a basic put-back that Nene in hindsight could’ve stopped – just a combination of small things that had they gone their way and/or they had Wall playing all series would’ve meant an easier cover I think.

Finally there is Chicago, whom were missing Pau Gasol for majority of the series and he was a big contributor all season for them. Chicago just never looked comfortable in the series whilst Lebron was playing like a man on a mission and their shooters just seemed to catch fire from range nailing threes when they counted. The end result hasn’t been too detrimental to the bank and I may do some more bets for the Finals between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers but I expect to do some more NBA betting next season.

Results to date: -$34.60


In finishing is the sport I’ve wagered on the most consistently utilizing my ratings and system, AFL. The season started off poorly as teams performed inconsistency and/or the ratings took a few rounds to adjust for either under-performing compared to what was expected or over-performing. The ratings now seem to be more aligned to a teams propensity to play well and cover the lines and/or win head to head. I feel like the AFL is in a good position moving forward and confidence is at a high right now given 3 profitable weeks in a row. I’m sure a negative week is just around the corner but for now its good to be back in the black for the season thus far and hopefully a profitable year. Note the following results include system picks and personal picks.

Overall Results to date: +$19.54
Round 1: -$199.60
Round 2: +$95.32
Round 3: -$15.04
Round 4: -$100.74
Round 5: -$33.20
Round 6: -$156.44
Round 7: +$143.40
Round 8: +$90.44
Round 9: +$195.40

Overall and Future

That takes the overall result to -$167.23 which isn’t dreadful but it would obviously be a lot more encouraging to be in the positive. I think with the new Horse/Greyhound systems i’ll be adding in the near future it could provide some more consistency and profit to the bottom line and get us back in the black overall. In particular a greyhound lay system which looks like it could provide small but steady returns for the bankroll. I’ll endeavor to update the results section of this website and also add a chart to this post later on today once I have it handy.

Good luck with your own punting and lets hope I can actually stay on top of keeping these results up to date from now on.

Happy Punting!

3 comments on “Results to 1/6/2015”

  1. Paul says:

    Overall you need to concentrate on either one method or one sport to get it working before spreading yourself too thin. Your results will improve if you stick to AFL for now. Although it may seem like your wasting time mid week because there is no games on there is so much data collection and analysis which can be done that you will be busy enough. Get that to winning at least 9 out of 10 weeks and you are then set to move onto another method or sport.

  2. Hi Paul, cheers for the reply. AFL essentially runs itself as its already a set ratings system I have in place so doesn’t really require anything further from me at this point in time. My problem with my Horse / Greyhound racing systems is that I tend to tinker too much trying to eek out that extra bit of improvement which just ends up backfitting. I need to just take the troughs with the peaks because I wholeheartedly feel I have the right systems there I just need to apply them consistently. It’s more of a mental/discipline thing I think then the actual systems being incorrect.

    Moving forward I’ll just be applying what I have put together as is and if I blow up the bankroll I’ve put in place for the racing bets then so be it, but I just need to give it a legitimate chance of working first and foremost.

    1. Paul says:

      The best advice I could give to you on greyhounds and horse racing is you need consistently winning days. If you have too many losing days it will hurt you mentally. You need to be in front basically 9 out of 10 days you are betting on them. This may mean adding more selections to even out the troughs or less selections to remove the losers. But if you are not hitting 9 profitable days out of 10 then its a system which shouldn’t be bet yet until you work out how to do that

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