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Hi Punters,

I promised a results update this week and I’m going to deliver. Unfortunately the Horse Racing side of things has been abysmal so far evidence by a total loss of $415.18 since April 11th. There are a number of contributing factors to this, some of which are my own doing and I’ve attempted to rectify over the last couple of days. I’ll be leaving things as is for a while now with these bets and hopefully the results make a turnaround shortly. I’m confident in the ratings I produce and the systems I’ve now got in place and it’s just a matter of getting everything back on track and improving into positive performance.

In terms of the AFL the following is a breakdown of the round by round performance so far:

Round 1 : ($199.60)
Round 2 : $95.32
Round 3 : ($15.04)

I’m actually not too uncomfortable with these results so far. The first round was obviously very poor but since then I’ve been quite happy. There were a few big lines last week (Round 3) that I wasn’t exactly comfortable with so to come out just below breakeven also considering my two personal picks lost costing $30 was a decent effort. I feel a lot more comfortable with this week’s AFL picks and will be posting those plays shortly with what I believe are some very achievable lines for the selected teams.

So overall not a very encouraging start to the journey but its important not to drop the head straight away and go changing everything. I feel like the AFL systems will continue to improve and eventually reach profit and firmly believe the Horse Racing systems will do the same.

That’s it for the results for now and as I continue to move forward I’ll post with some further details and/or charts etc. Keep an eye out for the AFL plays today and good luck on the punt!

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