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Hi Punters, The inconsistency continued last weekend with another round of unexpected results. The Bulldogs screwed us by chucking in a 50 point lead, Collingwood were pathetic against Geelong and Richmond/Carlton just continue to be pathetic. I’ll continue to stick with the system plays which unfortauntely continue to largely back Carlton and Richmond however hopefully these two teams can turn it around. Fingers crossed they do it this round as majority of the money is on them. On to this weeks bets: Line Bets (Chosen team underlined) $40 on Adelaide Crows -31.5 vs St Kilda Saints @ $1.99 (Pinnacle) $40… Read More

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Hi Punters, The inconsistency from teams this year and/or just a real lack of effort from some teams (Brisbane, Carlton to name a couple) is making life difficult for the rating system to pick up some profitable rounds. I’ll definitely stick at it though and with any luck as the season progresses the systems in place should improve along with the effort of some teams. For this week some of the games I like are collingwood, adelaide and fremantle. Collingwood are in good nick and I can see them possibly giving geelong a touch up for the friday night feature…. Read More

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Hi Punters, Unfortunately last week was a semi-disaster largely thanks to the inept effort shown by some clubs that would be extremely frustrating to support due to their inconsistency, namely Essendon and Richmond. I expected both of these teams to do a lot better then the effort which was shown and feel like it was largely due to team effort. Richmond looked like as soon as it started raining they weren’t interested whereas Melbourne were just hungry to compete. Hawthorn and Sydney giving up big early leads hurt their chances also and had they each played better first halves they… Read More

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Hi Punters, Last week the system bets went positive however St Kilda’s terrible effort after quarter time meant that my personal picks were no good and left a slight negative week for AFL bets. I’m feeling quite positive about quite a few of the plays this week and I’m surprised at some of the lines available. Geelong are struggling with form and with injuries and whilst North Melbourne have a few injuries of their own I just think they should account for Geelong quite easily so I’m surprised at the -7.5 line on that game. I also think Essendom are… Read More

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Hi Punters, Last week was a positive one however we’re still down for the season. After Round 3 I’ll post an update on the results so far from both an AFL point of view and also overall. There are some line bets this week that I don’t necessarily agree with but I’m going to follow them anyhow as the ratings/systems says so. For example this weeks 3 main bets are on Adelaide, Hawthorn and Sydney all with approx 40 point lines against teams that aren’t necessarily great, but they haven’t been horrible this year either. In particular GWS and possibly… Read More

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