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Hi Punters, Last week was fortunate enough to manage a small profit and work towards us getting back in the black. I have a little more confidence again this week that we can possibly achieve the same feat and get some more profit in the bank. I also accidentally placed an additional bet this week so I’ve made it a personal bet for the week, luckily its a bet I’m comfortable with taking anyway and was already contemplating making it a personal bet. Providing teams play true to form or ability this week I think we could see a lot… Read More

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Hi Punters, Well well well, the good streak had to come to an end – it did so in a big way. Essendon were horrible against Geelong, Freo let Richmond get the jump on them and given they were the two largest plays it set the tone for the weekend. I was on edge about last weekend and it looks like it was for a good reason, I had a feeling that the lines supported the favorites too heavily and that proved to be the case in the main. Now were into the first of the bye weeks and so… Read More

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Hi Punters, Last week was our 3rd successful week in a row and also our most profitable week of the season so far. The results last week were extremely favorable based on the unit sizes and bets we had on particular teams. The Bulldogs, Tigers and Saints all won their respective matches which meant covering their lines AND winning the H2H bets. As I said in last weeks post the result of the weekend was highly dependent on the Bulldogs and Tigers and that turned out to be the case in a positive manner. On to this week and I… Read More

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Hi Punters, The ratings continued to improve and impress last weekend with another profitable outing. Majority of the teams that were meant to win did so easily and even the Richmond upset against the Power went our way. I was always worried about the Hawthorn bet given the Swans would’ve been bitter about last years grand final even if they never admit it publicly. Adelaide was just disappointing because they gave GWS a 5 goal head start in the first quarter and the Bulldogs just simply couldn’t handle Melbourne’s pressure. On to a new week and we go in with… Read More

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Hi Punters, We had a much better time of things last weekend particularly due to Richmond winning against Collingwood. Carlton was once again a let down and their rating has now dropped to a level that should see them rarely be a betting proposition for the remainder of the season. Most of the favourites who had lines around the 20′s and 30′s went on to win by significant margins that meant they covered as well. If it wasn’t for so much being wagered on Carlton it would’ve been an exceptional weekend. On to this weekend and I’m starting to gain… Read More

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